Our Vision

As an INSIDE-OUT CHURCH, our vision is to grow deeper and grow wider.


We gather to be built up on the inside.  We go out to love and serve the world.

Grow deeper?

We all have inner questions, inner longings.  In the depths of our being we want to be met and understood.  We don’t want to live surface lives, shallow lives, we want to grow deeper.

Grow wider?

We are called to be bearers of Christ’s amazing grace and compassion as we journey amongst others.  We want to give away grace and love.  When we do this we live expanded lives, we grow wider, touching many lives.

Our Mission

To reach out beyond ourselves both locally and globally

We are called To Know Christ and Make Christ Known

The DNA is the life-reproducing chemical in living cells.

What’s the DNA in North Ringwood Uniting?



Led by the dynamic power of the Spirit of God



Nourished by the Scriptures



We are called to live in affirming relationships

Our Values

We value:

  • the call to share the good news of Christ as a missional church

  • listening to the call of God in prayer, worship and the study of Scripture

  • discovering each other’s God-given gifts

  • people as being more important than agendas

  • the opportunity to encourage and affirm

  • the opportunity to experiment

  • a permission-giving environment to encourage the exercise of initiative

  • the importance of compassion and reflective listening

  • the imperative of peace-making, reconciliation and the restoring of relationships

  • mistakes being met with grace, patience and understanding

  • the human resources and the energy of our congregation to make a difference in the world

Our History

In 1960 there were no churches between Ringwood and Warrandyte.  North Ringwood was an orchard area and the locals asked for a church to be established.  Hence a congregation of the Methodist Church commenced.  The land the Church building now sits on had been a cherry orchard.  In 1977 this congregation became part of the Uniting Church in Australia.  Across the years there had been a number of building developments and extensions.  Then in the early 2000s the congregation was bursting at the seams with people and ideas for ministry and mission, but the available space was squeezed.  The upshot was a total rebuild to serve the growing congregation and expanding ministries.  The new building was opened in October 2006.

It’s always been a active church with high participation from its members in terms of making a difference, both locally and globally.  On this website you’ll catch a glimpse of life and vitality.  Better still, why not come and experience it?

Our Staff

Rev Andy

Rev Andy




Youth and Young Adult Worker



Children’s and Families’ Ministry Coordinator



Playgroup Coordinator



Playgroup Pastoral Carer