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AuthorTitleCall No.SubjectCategory
Yancey, PhilipDisappointment with God100/YANGodNon-Fiction
Jones, Stan & BrennaWhat's the big deal?170/JONSex EducationNon-Fiction
The Clarity CollectiveFeeling good about yourself176/CLASexualityNon-Fiction
Uniting Church in AustraliaUniting sexuality and faith176/UNISexualityNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamJesus of Nazareth220/BARJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamThe mind of Jesus220/BARJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamWho is Jesus Christ?220/BARJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Bruce F.F.The hard sayings of Jesus220/BRUJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Duncan, KenWhere Jesus walked220/DUNJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Fosalick, Harry EmersonThe manhood of the Master220/FOSJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Greenslade, PhilipThe legacy of Jesus220/GREJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Gumble, NickyWhy Christmas?220/GUMChristmasNon-Fiction
Kamalison, Samuel TThe transforming power of Jesus Christ220/KAMJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Keller W.PhillipRabboni220/KELJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Keller, TimothyKing's cross220/KELJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Lion PublishingThe life and words of Jesus220/LIOJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Manson, T.W.The teaching of Jesus220/MANJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Ramsay, A.M.The resurrection of Christ220/RAMJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Sanders, Oswald JConsider Him220/SANJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Strobel, LeeThe case for Christmas220/STRChristmasNon-Fiction
Strobel, LeeThe case for Easter220/STREasterNon-Fiction
White, PaulThe drama of Jesus220/WHIJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Yancey, PhilipThe Jesus I never knew220/YANJesus ChristNon-Fiction
Baughan, MichaelMoses and the venture of faith225/ BAUNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Alexander, David & PatThe Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible225/ALEBibleNon-Fiction
Alexander, David & PatThe Lion handbook to the Bible225/ALEBibleNon-Fiction
Alexander, Pat & David Ed.The New Lion handbook to the Bible225/ALEBibleNon-Fiction
Alter, Robert, & Kermode, FrankThe literary guide to the Bible225/ALTBibleNon-Fiction
Auld, Graeme AThe daily Bible study: Joshua, Judges and Ruth225/AULOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamDaily Study Bible: Timothy, Titus and Philemon225/BARNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamThe letters to the Galations and the Ephesians225/BARNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Baxter, J SidlowMark these men225/BAXBibleNon-Fiction
Bible SocietyTowards the goal225/BIBNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Biggs, C.R. & Catlin, A.L.G.A way into the Old Testament225/BIGOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Blaiklock, Prof. E.M.Eight days in Israel225/BLABibleNon-Fiction
Bridger, GordonThe man from outside225/BRIBibleNon-Fiction
Brown, Robert McAfeeUnexpected news225/BROBibleNon-Fiction
Bruce F.F.New Testament documents. Are they reliable?225/BRUNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Crowe, Phillip M.A.Bible characters and doctrines225/CROBibleNon-Fiction
Davidson, RobertEcclesiastes and the Song of Soloman225/DAVOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Entwistle, MaryThe Bible guide book225/ENTBibleNon-Fiction
Fleming, DonaldGoing places with Paul225/FLENew TestamentNon-Fiction
Foulkes, FrancisTyndal New Testament Commentaries: Ephesians225/FOUNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Good News AustraliaGood News Australia225/GOOBibleNon-Fiction
Gospel according to MatthewGospel according to Matthew225/GOSNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Greenslade, PhilipRejoice! The King is Lord225/GRENew TestamentNon-Fiction
UnknownThe greatest is love225/GRENew TestamentNon-Fiction
Jacob, EdmondTheology of the Old Testament225/JACOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Lawrence, PaulThe Lion atlas of Bible history225/LAWBibleNon-Fiction
Mac Arthur, JohnA tale of two sons225/MACNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Marshall, Howard IThe origins of the New Testament225/MARNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Motyer, StephenUnlock the Bible225/MOTBibleNon-Fiction
UnknownThe New English Bible225/NEWBibleNon-Fiction
Pakula, MartinHomeward bound225/PAKOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Pheiffer, CharlesThe New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordance225/PHEBibleNon-Fiction
Phillips, J.B.Ring of truth225/PHIBibleNon-Fiction
Phillips, J.B.The young church in action225/PHIBibleNon-Fiction
Riece, E.V.The four gospels225/RIENew TestamentNon-Fiction
Robinson, H WheelerThe Old Testament. Its making and meaning225/ROBOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Sanders, J. OswaldBible men of faith225/SANBibleNon-Fiction
Schultz, SamuelLeviticus225/SCHOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Scotland, NigelGoing by the book225/SCOBibleNon-Fiction
Scripture UnionFoothold225/SCRBibleNon-Fiction
Shepherd, PaulAbraham, ready for anything225/SHEOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Sproul, R.C.Romans225/SPRNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Stott R. W.The message of the sermon on the mount225/STONew TestamentNon-Fiction
Stott, John R.W.Understanding the Bible225/STOBibleNon-Fiction
Stott, R.W.Men made new225/STOBibleNon-Fiction
Takensaka, MassoThe Bible through Asian eyes225/TAKBibleNon-Fiction
Taylor, KennethLiving Light225/TAYBibleNon-Fiction
Taylor, MarkThe complete book of Bible literacy225/TAYBibleNon-Fiction
The 100 Mile PressThe 100 minute Bible225/THEBibleNon-Fiction
Tidball, DerekMessengers of Good News225/TIDNew TestamentNon-Fiction
Walker, MarkThe New Illustrated Bible225/WALBibleNon-Fiction
Wiersbe, Warren W.Be responsible - 1 Kings225/WIEOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Wiersbe, Warren W.Be patient - Job225/WIEOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Wiseman, P.J.Clues to creation in Genesis225/WISOld TestamentNon-Fiction
Stenham, KristerEnergy for life231/.STEHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Subritzky, BillReceiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit231//SUBHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Appleby, DavidThe transforming Spirit231/APPHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Calver, CliveThe Holy Spirit231/CALHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Chi, TonyBelieving in the Holy Spirit231/CHIHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Gillquit, Peter ELet's quit fighting about the Holy Spirit231/GILHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Jackson, ArthurListen to the Spirit231/JACHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Morris, LeonThe spirit of the living God231/MORHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Walker, AlanBreakthrough. Rediscovering the Holy Spirit231/WALHoly SpiritNon-Fiction
Gillies, SheenaGet the most out of Church242/ GILPrayerNon-Fiction
Beare, HedleyGod in the present moment. God in the 21st century242/BEAPrayerNon-Fiction
Carothers, Merlin BAnswers to praise242/CARPrayerNon-Fiction
Cassidy, SheilaPrayer for pilgrims242/CASPrayerNon-Fiction
Castley, PaulPrayers for a listening heart242/CASPrayerNon-Fiction
Eatman, DickPrayer242/EASPrayerNon-Fiction
Foster, RichardPrayers from the heart242/FOSPrayerNon-Fiction
Fromer, Margaret & Keyes, SharrellLet's pray together242/FROPrayerNon-Fiction
Frost, RobWhen I can't pray242/FROPrayerNon-Fiction
Harris, RichardPrayer and the pursuit of human happiness242/HARPrayerNon-Fiction
Smith, HowardBusiness prayer242/HOWPrayerNon-Fiction
Huggett, JoyceListening to God242/HUGPrayerNon-Fiction
Hughes, GrahamLeading in prayer242/HUGPrayerNon-Fiction
Hughes, Selwyn15 ways to a more effective prayer life242/HUGPrayerNon-Fiction
Hybels, BillToo busy not to pray242/HYBPrayerNon-Fiction
Larsson,FloraTowards You Lord242/LARPrayerNon-Fiction
Leunig, MA common prayer242/LEUPrayerNon-Fiction
Marshall, CatherineAdventures in prayer242/MARPrayerNon-Fiction
McHenry, JanetDaily prayer walk242/MCHPrayerNon-Fiction
Mills, BrianPrayer triplets242/MILPrayerNon-Fiction
Nouwen, HenriWith open hands242/NOUPrayerNon-Fiction
Sherrer, Quin &Garlock, RuthanneThe prayers women pray242/QUIPrayerNon-Fiction
Rinker, RosalindPrayer, conversing with God242/RINPrayerNon-Fiction
Robinson, StuartPraying the price242/ROBPrayerNon-Fiction
Schut, Gerrit DPrayers for every occasion242/SCHPrayerNon-Fiction
Sheets, DutchHow to pray for lost loved ones242/SHEPrayerNon-Fiction
Sheets, DutchIntercessory prayer242/SHEPrayerNon-Fiction
Sherrer, Quin &Garlock, RuthanneGrandma, I need your prayers242/SHEPrayerNon-Fiction
Swift, HelenIn search of peace242/SWIPrayerNon-Fiction
Torrey, R.A.How to pray242/TORPrayerNon-Fiction
Townsend, Anne JPrayer without pretending242/TOWPrayerNon-Fiction
Yancey, PhilipPrayer. Does it make a difference?242/YANPrayerNon-Fiction
Young, Jack & EdnaPraying with juniors242/YOUPrayerNon-Fiction
Crabb, Lawrence JEffective biblical counselling245/CRACommunicationNon-Fiction
Huggett, JoyceListening to others245/HUGCommunicationNon-Fiction
Short, RobertThe Gospel according to Peanuts245/SHOCommunicationNon-Fiction
Smith, RayPeople caring for people245/SMICommunicationNon-Fiction
Buckland, Ron, Lane, John & Merrit DavidSeen and heard. New possibilities for children in church248/BUCWorshipNon-Fiction
Duckworth, DThis is the word of the Lord248/DUCWorshipNon-Fiction
Guiness, OsThe gravedigger file248/GUIWorshipNon-Fiction
Moore, Waylon BMultiplying disciples248/MOOWorshipNon-Fiction
Nanscawen, AnneWith one accord248/NANWorshipNon-Fiction
Owen, MichaelBack to basics248/OWEThe ChurchNon-Fiction
Pearson, Keith & Merritt, DavidUnderstanding the Uniting Church in Australia248/PEAChurchesNon-Fiction
Pearson,KeithGod we praise You248/PEAWorshipNon-Fiction
Swingdon, Wood AThe inextinguishable blaze248/SWIWorshipNon-Fiction
Uniting Church in AustraliaThe basis of union248/UNIThe ChurchNon-Fiction
Partner, DanielThe hymns we love249/PARWorshipNon-Fiction
Petersen, William & ArdytheHymns249/PETWorshipNon-Fiction
Irving,ValerieLet us keep the feast250/IRVSacramentsNon-Fiction
Chapman, Mary BethChoosing to see253/CHABereavementNon-Fiction
Cotterell, PeterDealing with death253/COTDeathNon-Fiction
Lewis, C.S.A grief observed253/LEWBereavementNon-Fiction
Arnott, PaulNo time to say goodbye253/PAUBereavementNon-Fiction
Vanauken, SheldonA severe mercy253/VANBereavementNon-Fiction
Weatherhead, Leslie D.Life begins at death253/WEADeathNon-Fiction
Westberg, Granger E.Good Grief253/WESBereavementNon-Fiction
Yancey, PhilipWhere is God when it hurts?253/YANBereavementNon-Fiction
Littauer, FlorencePersonality plus at work2545/LITCommunicationNon-Fiction
Blombery, Tricia Tomorrow's church today300/BLOChurchesNon-Fiction
Conner, MarkTransforming your church300/CONChurchesNon-Fiction
Cotterell, PeterChurch alive300/COTChurchesNon-Fiction
Ellis, NormanMy parish is revolting300/ELLChurchesNon-Fiction
Adams. JoyChristians living in the home350/ADAFamilyNon-Fiction
Arp, David & ClaudiaWhere the wild strawberries grow350/ARPMarriageNon-Fiction
Barnes, EmilieCreative home organiser350/BarFamilyNon-Fiction
Biddulph, SteveThe secret of happy children350/BIDFamilyNon-Fiction
Bowen, JulieThe big book on drugs350/BOWFamilyNon-Fiction
Brokering, LoisRainbow bags350/BROFamilyNon-Fiction
Canfield, JackChicken soup for the teenage soul350/CANFamilyNon-Fiction
Chafin, KennethIs there a family in the house?350/CHAFamilyNon-Fiction
Chapman Dr GaryDesperate marriages350/CHAMarriageNon-Fiction
Chapman, GaryThe five love languages of teenagers350/CHAFamilyNon-Fiction
Chapman, GaryThe five love languages of your family350/CHAFamilyNon-Fiction
Chapman, GaryThe four seasons of marriage350/CHAMarriageNon-Fiction
Cloud, Dr Henry & Townsend, Dr John21 days to a great marriage350/CLOMarriageNon-Fiction
Townsend, Dr JohnBoundaries with kids350/CLOFamilyNon-Fiction
Corney, MerrilFamily ideas for Autumn, Lent and Easter350/CORFamilyNon-Fiction
Dobson, Dr JamesDare to discipline350/DOBFamilyNon-Fiction
Dobson, Dr JamesDr Dobson answers your questions350/DOBFamilyNon-Fiction
Dobson, Dr. JamesParenting isn't for cowards350/DOBFamilyNon-Fiction
Emmett, JohnIn our family. Help for Christian parenting350/EMMFamilyNon-Fiction
Ezzo, Gary & Buchan, Robert M.D.On becoming child wise350/EZZFamilyNon-Fiction
Chapman GaryThe five love Languages350/FAMFamilyNon-Fiction
Fisher Dr BruceRebuilding when your relationship ends350/FISFamilyNon-Fiction
Freeman, BeckyHelp! I'm turning into my mother350/FREFamilyNon-Fiction
Garvan, ElizabethParents are people too350/GARFamilyNon-Fiction
Hawkins, Dr DavidSaying it so he'll listen350/HAWFamilyNon-Fiction
Horsefield, PeterTaming the television350/HORFamilyNon-Fiction
Hybels, BillFit to be tied350/HYBMarriageNon-Fiction
John, JMarriage works350/JOHMarriageNon-Fiction
Johnson, BarbaraFresh elastic for stretched out mums350/JOHFamilyNon-Fiction
Lehman, Dr KevinThe 6 stress points in a woman's life350/LEHFamilyNon-Fiction
Lehman, Dr. KevinThe birth order book350/LEHFamilyNon-Fiction
Mains, Karen BurtonOpen heart, open home350/MAIHospitalityNon-Fiction
McGuiness, Kathleen & JamesParenting for peace and justice350/MCGFamilyNon-Fiction
Meyer, JoyceWoman to woman350/MEYWomen's IssuesNon-Fiction
Mudoch, MikeOne minute business woman's devotional350/MURFamilyNon-Fiction
Piper, ColinHow to stay together when your family's cracking up350/PIPFamilyNon-Fiction
Pleiter,AllieBecoming a chief home officer350/PLEFamilyNon-Fiction
Porter, DavidChildren at risk350/PORFamilyNon-Fiction
Rhea, RhondaAmusing Grace350/RHEFamilyNon-Fiction
Riddell, RuthManaging life350/RIDFamilyNon-Fiction
Smalley, GaryThe key to your child's heart350/SMAFamilyNon-Fiction
UnknownSouth Australian Council for Children's Films350/SOUFamilyNon-Fiction
Swihart, Judson J.Helping children of divorce350/SWIFamily/DivorceNon-Fiction
Trent, John & Smalley, GaryThe blessing350/TREFamilyNon-Fiction
Uniting Church in AustraliaUniting Church Share community appeal350/UNIFamilyNon-Fiction
van Vonderan, JeffFamilies where grace is in the place350/VANFamilyNon-Fiction
Wheat, M.D ed.The first years of forever350/WHEFamilyNon-Fiction
Wright, Norman HThe pillars of marriage350/WRIMarriageNon-Fiction
Yust, Karen MarieReal kids real faith350/YUSFamilyNon-Fiction
Barker, AshMake poverty personal358/BARSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Cassidy, MichaelA witness for ever358/CASSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Colquhoun, Canon FrankMoral questions358/COLEthicsNon-Fiction
Colson, CharlesCrime and the resposible community358/COLEthicsNon-Fiction
Committee of BioethicsAnd then there were two358/COMEthicsNon-Fiction
Dirks, JoachimThe inner snowy358/DIRSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Eastman, MoiraA vision for Australia. Key issues 4-6358/EASSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Habel, Norman C.Reconciliation. Searching for Australia's soul358/HABSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Jiggins, AlanHuman future. Living as Christians in a high tech. world358/JIGEthicsNon-Fiction
Koshy, NinanReligious freedom in a changing world358/KOSSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
O'Gorman, FrancisCharity and change358/OGOSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Pattel-GrayThrough aboriginal eyes358/PATSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Porter, MurielWomen in the church358/POREthicsNon-Fiction
Taylor, John VEnough is enough358/TAYSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Tutu, Bishop DesmondHope and suffering358/TUTSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Walker, AlanA vision for Australia358/WALSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Webb, B.G. (ed)The ethics of life and death358/WEBEthicsNon-Fiction
Wu, HarryTroublemaker358/WUSocial JusticeNon-Fiction
Waite, TerryTravels with a primate450/WAITravelNon-Fiction
Beckworth, IvyPostmodern children's leadership600/BECLeadershipNon-Fiction
Beckworth, IvyPostmodern children's ministry600/BECMinistryNon-Fiction
Brestin, DecFinders keepers600/BREMissionNon-Fiction
Brown, Barry T.The healing ministry of the church600/BROMinistryNon-Fiction
Campolo, TonySpeaking my mind600/CAMEvangelismNon-Fiction
Cann, GilbertLiberating leadership600/CANLeadershipNon-Fiction
Chapman, John CKnow and tell the gospel600/CHAEvangelismNon-Fiction
Cohen, David & Graukroger, S. How to close your church in a decade600/COHMinistryNon-Fiction
Coleman, LynmanYouth ministry encyclopaedia600/COLMinistryNon-Fiction
Collins, Alan AMaking ministry work600/COLMinistryNon-Fiction
Cotterell, PeterLook who's talking600/COTMinistryNon-Fiction
De Silva, DianneThe Bridge600/DESMissionNon-Fiction
Fung, RaymondNot a solitary way600/FUNMissionNon-Fiction
Griffiths, MichaelWhat on earth are you doing?600/GRIMinistryNon-Fiction
Griffiths, ValerieNot less than every thing600/GRIMissionNon-Fiction
Hinton, VaughanStruggles in faith. The witness of Christians in North Asia600/HINMissionNon-Fiction
Houston, JimThe culured pearl600/HOUMissionNon-Fiction
Hughes, PhilipThe Australian clergy600/HUGMinistryNon-Fiction
Hybels, BillJust walk across the room600/HYBEvangelismNon-Fiction
King, PhilipLeadership explosion600/KINLeadershipNon-Fiction
Kuhn, IsobelOmnibus. By searching; Nests above the abyss: In the arena600/KUHMissionNon-Fiction
Kuhn,ElizabethBy searching; Nests above the abyss; In the Arena600/KUHMissionNon-Fiction
Laurentin, ReneViva Christo Rey600/LAUMissionNon-Fiction
Le Peau, Andrew Paths of leadership600/LEPLeadershipNon-Fiction
Little, Paul E.How to give away your faith600/LITEvangelismNon-Fiction
Lotz, Anne GrahamI saw the Lord600/LOTEvangelismNon-Fiction
Maxwell, JohnMake yours a winning team600/MAXLeadershipNon-Fiction
Maxwell, John CThe 360 leader600/MAXLeadershipNon-Fiction
McGrath, AlisonExplaining your faith600/MCGEvangelismNon-Fiction
Mclaren, BrianMore ready than you realize600/MCLEvangelismNon-Fiction
Morris, Barbara AnneSee what God can do600/MORMinistryNon-Fiction
Parnell, DouglasConversation as ministry600/PARMinistryNon-Fiction
Pertersen, Jim & Shamy, MikeThe insider600/PETEvangelismNon-Fiction
Price, David JMission mandate motivation. C20 tentmakers600/PRIMissionNon-Fiction
Prior, Kenneth F.W.The Gospel in a pagan society600/PRIMissionNon-Fiction
Reed, NaomiOver my shoulder600/REEMissionNon-Fiction
Reed, NaomiNo ordinary view600/REEMissionNon-Fiction
Richards, Kel & BarbaraHospitality evangelism600/RICEvangelismNon-Fiction
Rinkler, Rosalind & Griffith, Harry CSharing God's love600/RINEvangelismNon-Fiction
Roxburgh, Alan J. & Romanuk, FredThe missional Leader600/ROXMissionNon-Fiction
Schwartz, ChristianThe 3 color ministry600/SCHMinistryNon-Fiction
Shaney, Bob with O'Brien, WesleyWizzer600/SHAMinistryNon-Fiction
Slater TomThe temporary community600/SLALeadershipNon-Fiction
Sookdeo, PartickSharing good news600/SOOEvangelismNon-Fiction
Stott, John R.M.Christian mission in the modern world600/STOMissionNon-Fiction
Studd, C.T.Fool and fanatic600/STUMissionNon-Fiction
Walker, AlanLove in action600/WALMinistryNon-Fiction
Walker, TomSmall streams big rivers600/WALMissionNon-Fiction
Watson, DavidI believe in evangelism600/WATEvangelismNon-Fiction
Williams, TriciaChristians in school600/WILMissionNon-Fiction
Wilson, Sam & Aeschliman,GThe hidden half600/WILMissionNon-Fiction
World VisionThe Bridge600/WORMissionNon-Fiction
InterACTThere's no such thing as a silly question700/INTLiteratureNon-Fiction
Jones, IlmaThe healing touch700/JONLiteratureNon-Fiction
Partner, DanielThe carols we love700/PARPoetry/MusicNon-Fiction
Green, Dr ChristopherUnderstanding ADHD725/ GREHealthNon-Fiction
Kaepfer, GaelNursing for life725/ KAEHealthNon-Fiction
Asti, JudyA spiritual journey through breast cancer725/ASTHealthNon-Fiction
Axling, VirginiaDibs in search of self725/AXLHealthNon-Fiction
Davey, Dr J. MichaelJourney of hope725/DAVHealthNon-Fiction
De Vink, ChristopherThe power of the powerless725/DEVDisabilitiesNon-Fiction
Ellis, AidaBeyond breast cancer725/ELLHealthNon-Fiction
Hart, Dr ArchibaldThe hidden link between adrenilin and stress725/HARHealthNon-Fiction
Hart, Dr ArchibaldStress and you child725/HARHealthNon-Fiction
Hillman, RobertThere is hope725/HILHealthNon-Fiction
Jones, CarolynThe search for meaning725/JONHealthNon-Fiction
Kelly, Charles PThe natural way to healthful sleep725/KELHealthNon-Fiction
La Hays, TimHow to manage pressure725/LAHHealthNon-Fiction
Littauer, FlorencePersonality plus. How to understand others and yourself725/LITHealthNon-Fiction
Matthews, Cathy-AnneNo longer a victim725/MATHealthNon-Fiction
McMillan, S.I.None of these diseases725/MCMHealthNon-Fiction
Meares, AinslieThe introvert725/MEAHealthNon-Fiction
Provan, IanA limitational approach to the theology of health725/PROHealthNon-Fiction
Schultz, Noel CThe key to caring725/SCHHealthNon-Fiction
Sehnert, Keith WStress/ unstress725/SHEHealthNon-Fiction
Walker, Laura JensenThanks for the mammogram725/WALHealthNon-Fiction
Walker,Laura JensenMental pauses and other midlife laughs725/WALHealthNon-Fiction
Weekes, Dr ClaireComplete self help for your nerves725/WEEHealthNon-Fiction
Weekes, Dr ClaireSelf help for your nerves725/WEEHealthNon-Fiction
White, JohnParents in pain725/WHIHealthNon-Fiction
UnknownChild sexual abuse750/CHIHealthNon-Fiction
Augsburger, DavidCaring enough to confront800/AUGChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Augsburger, DavidCaring enough to confront800/AUGChristianityNon-Fiction
Balchin, JohnWhat Christians believe800/BALChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Banks, RobertAll the business life800/BANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Barna, GeorgeToday's pastors800/BARChristianityNon-Fiction
Baxter, ChristinaReady for the party800/BAXChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Bennett, DennisNine o'clock in the morning800/BENChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Blanchard, TimFinding your spiritual gifts800/BLAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Blanchard,JohnWhere is God when things go wrong?800/BLAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Brinsmead, Robert DThis is life800/BRIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Buchan, AlexCome of age800/BUCChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Buchanan, ColinOpen to others800/BUCChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Buckland, RonChildren and God800/BUCChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Bugbee, BruceWhat you do best in the body of Christ800/BUGChristianityNon-Fiction
Calver, GavinIn search of Jesus800/CALChristianityNon-Fiction
Canfield, JackChicken soup for the Christian soul800/CANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Catherwood, ChristopherFive evangelical leaders800/CATChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Chapman, ColinChristianity on trial800/CHAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Chapman, GaryGod speaks your love language800/CHAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Chapman, GaryThe five languages of apology800/CHAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Christensen, LarryThe Christian family800/CHRChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Cloud, Dr Henry & Townsend, Dr JohnBoundaries before marriage800/CLOChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Cook, DavidFreedom and authority800/COOChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Copely, DerekEars to hear800/COPChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Cotterell, PeterThis is Christianity800/COTChristianityNon-Fiction
Coulson, C.A.Science and Christian belief800/COUChristianityNon-Fiction
Cross, LutherObject lessons for Christian life800/CROChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Burnaby, JohnThe belief of Christendom800/CURChristianityNon-Fiction
Day, David & May, PhillipTeenage beliefs800/DAYChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Dugan, Le RoyHow to live the Jesus life800/DUGChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Eldredge, JohnWaking the dead800/ELDChristianityNon-Fiction
Elliot, CharlesPraying the Kingdom800/ELLChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Elliot, ElizabethSecure in the everlasting arms800/ELLChristianityNon-Fiction
England, EdwardKeeping a spiritual Journey800/ENGChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Evans, MaryGod in our shoes800/EVAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Fisher, JuliaIsrael's new disciples800/FISChristianityNon-Fiction
Forster, RichardCelebration of discipleship800/FORChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Gaukroger, StephenMaking it work800/GAUChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Gilpin, DaveSacred cows make great bar-b-cues800/GILChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Graham, BillyFacing death and the life after800/GRAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Green, BryanSaints alive800/GREChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Green, MichaelYou must be joking800/GREChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Green, MichaelThe day death died800/GREChristianityNon-Fiction
Griffiths, MichaelTake my life800/GRIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Gumble, NickyQuestions of life.800/GUMChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Hansen, JaneThe journey of a woman800/HANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Harkness, AlanReady to grow800/HARChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Haydon-Knowell, SueA God for all seasons800/HAYChristianityNon-Fiction
Hibbard, AnneTreasured friends800/HIBChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Hickingbotham, IanHelp me make it through the day800/HICChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Hill, JonathanThe history of Christianity The new Lion Handbook800/HILChristianityNon-Fiction
Hybels, BillThe power of a whisper800/HYBChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Jensen,PeterAt the heart of the Universe800/JENChristianityNon-Fiction
Johnson, BillWhen Heaven invades Earth800/JOHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Jones, JamesThe moral leader800/JONChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Callahan, KeenanGiving and stewardship in an effective church800/KEEChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Keller, TimothyThe prodigal God800/KELBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Krieder, AlanJourney towards holiness800/KREChristian LifeNon-Fiction
La Haye, BeverleyThe spirit controlled woman800/LAHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lawson, JamesDeeper experiences of famous christians800/LAWChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lawson,MichaelFacing conflict800/LAWChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lemon, FredBreakthrough800/LEMChristianityNon-Fiction
Lewis, C.S.Miracles800/LEWChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The problem of pain800/LEWChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The four loves800/LEWChristianityNon-Fiction
Lewis, C.S.Mere Christianity800/LEWChristianityNon-Fiction
Littauer, FlorenceLives on the mend800/LITChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Lucado, MaxWhen Christ comes800/LUCChristianityNon-Fiction
Lucado, MaxGod's mirror800/LUCChristianityNon-Fiction
Lucano, MaxFearless800/LUCChristianityNon-Fiction
Macdonald, GordonRebuilding your broken life800/MACChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Macdonald, GordonA resilient life800/MACChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Maines, Karen BOpen heart, open home800/MAIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Malz, BettyWomen in time800/MALChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Marshall, CatherineBeyond ourselves800/MARChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Marshall, CatherineMeeting God at every turn800/MARChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Marshall, CatherineSomething more800/MARChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Mattingly, DorrieGod sees a sparrow800/MATChristianityNon-Fiction
McDowell, JoshMore than a carpenter800/MCDChristianityNon-Fiction
McDowell, Josh & Sterrett, DaveWho is Jesus …really?800/MCDChristianityNon-Fiction
McHugh, PeterYou and the creative power of frustration800/MCHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
McInnes, JohnThe new pilgrim800/MCIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Meadows, Peter & Steinberg, JosephBeyond belief800/MEAChristianityNon-Fiction
Miller, GavinThe table of inwardness800/MILChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Mursell, Gordon ed.The story of Christian spirituality800/MURChristianityNon-Fiction
Newenhuyse, Elizabeth CodySometimes I feel like running away from home800/NEWChristian LifeNon-Fiction
North Ringwood Uniting ChurchNorth Ringwood Uniting Church800/NORChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Nouwen, Henri JCompassion800/NOUChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Ortberg, JohnIf you want to walk on water800/ORTChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Packer, J.I.Knowing God800/PACChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Packer, J.I.Laid back religion800/PACChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Peck, AndyA life to die for800/PECChristianityNon-Fiction
Perry, MichaelThe whole duty of man800/PERChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Petersen, Jim & Shamy, MikeThe insider800/PETChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Phillips, J.B.Your God is too small800/PHIChristianityNon-Fiction
Pass, AdrianClearing away the rubbish800/PLAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianGod's escape plan for frightened people800/PLAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianBroken windows, broken lives800/PLAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Posterski, DonWhy am I afraid to tell you that I'm a Christian800/POSChristianityNon-Fiction
Edmond, Raymond VThey found the secret800/RAYChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Rothschild, JenniferLessons I learnt in the light800/ROTChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Ryan, TonyWhy me Lord?800/RYAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Safa, RezaBlood of the sword. Blood of the cross800/SAFChristianityNon-Fiction
Sanders, J. OswaldSpiritual Leadership800/SANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Schaeffer, EdithA way of seeing800/SCHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Schaeffer, FrancisThe God who is there800/SCHChristianityNon-Fiction
Schaeffer, Francis AEscape from reason800/SCHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Scharen, ChristianOne step closer800/SCHChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Seamands, David A.Putting away childish things800/SEAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Hughes, SelwynHow to live a Christian life800/SELChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Shaw, VinitaI heard a voice800/SHAChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Sheldon, Charles MIn His steps800/SHEChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Smedes, Lewis B.Forgive and forget800/SMEChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Smith PatriciaI'm too young to be this old800/SMIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Smith, JimThe Christian man800/SMIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Smith, M BlaineOne of a kind800/SMIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Smith, Wilbur MIsraeli/Arab conflict and the Bible800/SMIChristianityNon-Fiction
Smyth, J.The Gospel of the hereafter800/SMYChristianityNon-Fiction
Soper, Donald C.Popular fallacies about the Christian faith800/SOPChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Sproul, R.C.God's will and the Christian800/SPRChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Stott,J.R.W.Basic Christianity800/STOChristianityNon-Fiction
Strelan,RickFair dinkum800/STRChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Strobel, LeeThe case for the Creator800/STRChristianityNon-Fiction
Stroud, MarionThe best offer in town800/STRChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Tanner, Ian & Merrit, DavidWhat does our church say800/TANChristianityNon-Fiction
Thomas, W. IanThe mystery of Godliness800/THOChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Triton, A. N.Whose world?800/TRIChristianityNon-Fiction
Vinter, BillA biblical guide to stewardship800/VINChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Walker, AlanTry God800/WALChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Wallis, JimThe call to conversion800/WALChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Watson, DavidDiscipleship800/WATChristian LifeNon-Fiction
White, Ellen GSteps to Christ800/WHIChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Williams, Derek & Hicks, RobertThe pocket handbook of Christian living800/WILChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Wilson, EarlHow to stop being your own worst enemy800/WILChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Wilson, JohnThe human journey800/WILChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Winter, DavidHow to walk with God800/WINChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Yancey, PhilipWhat good is God?800/YANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Yancey, PhilipWhat's so amazing about Grace?800/YANChristian LifeNon-Fiction
Young, NormanCreator, creation and faith800/YOUChristianityNon-Fiction
Yun, BrotherLiving water800/YUNChristian LifeNon-Fiction
small groupsThe disillusioned Christian801/ABRFaithNon-Fiction
Blomberry, TriciaGod through human eyes801/BLOFaithNon-Fiction
Clack, ClemBible mountaineering801/CLAFaithNon-Fiction
Dobson, Dr JamesWhen God doesn't make sense801/DOBFaithNon-Fiction
Green, KennethRunaway world801/GREFaithNon-Fiction
Hughes, Philip & Blombery, TriciaPatterns of faith in Australian churches801/HUGFaithNon-Fiction
UnknownJourney's into faith801/JOUFaithNon-Fiction
UnkownJourney's in belief801/JOUFaithNon-Fiction
King, JonathanWaltzing materialism801/KINFaithNon-Fiction
Lucado, MaxFearless801/LUCFaithNon-Fiction
McDowell, John & Bellis, DaleUnlocking the secrets of being loved, accepted and secure -----801/MCDFaithNon-Fiction
McInnes, ElsaShattered and restored801/MCIFaithNon-Fiction
Seamands, David A.Healing of memories801/SEAFaithNon-Fiction
Strobel, LeeThe case for faith801/STRFaithNon-Fiction
Taylor, RhenaLove in the shadows801/TAYFaithNon-Fiction
Toon, PeterAbout turn801/TOOFaithNon-Fiction
Campolo, TonyEverything you've heard is wrong812/CAMNatural TalentsNon-Fiction
Jones, Gordon & RosemaryNaturally gifted812/JONNatural TalentsNon-Fiction
Whitehall,IanA quivering of arrows812/WHINatural TalentsNon-Fiction
Byard, TrevorHaving fun with God821/BYAHumorNon-Fiction
Johnson, BarbaraLiving somewhere between estrogen and death821/JOHHumorNon-Fiction
Johnson, BarbaraStick a geranium in your hat and be happy821/JOHHumorNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianStress family Robinson 2. The birthday party821/LPAHumorNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianA year at St Yoricks821/PLAHumorNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianAnd Jesus will be born821/PLAWit and humorNon-Fiction
Plass, Adrian & Lucas, JeffSeriously funny821/PLAHumorNon-Fiction
Rees, Jean ADanger, saints at work821/ReeHumorNon-Fiction
Secombe, FredA comedy of clerical errors821/SECHumorNon-Fiction
Strobel, LeeThe case for the empty tomb900/STRSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Clements, RonaldIn Japan the crickets cry920/ CLEBiographyNon-Fiction
Denton, LynChanged forever920/ DENSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Benje, Janet & GeoffGladys Alward. The adventure of a lifetime920/ALWBiographyNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamGospel of John Vol I: Ch 1 - 7920/BARBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamGospel of John Vol II: Ch 6 - 21920/BARBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Barnes, TrevorTerry Waite - man with a mission920/BARBiographyNon-Fiction
Barrett, EthelThere I stood in all my splendour920/BARBiographyNon-Fiction
Bawden, AndrewBiblical turning points920/BAWBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Bentley, Lisa, MisrajeSaving Levi920/BENBiographyNon-Fiction
The Bible , the big picture920/BIBBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Booth, BrianBooth to bat920/BOOBiographyNon-Fiction
ten Boom, CorrieThe five silent years920/BOOBiographyNon-Fiction
ten Boom, CorrieThe hiding place920/BOOBiographyNon-Fiction
ten Boom, CorrieNo pit too deep920/BOOBiographyNon-Fiction
Brahams RequiumThe Bible and Brahms Requium (1Leader's guide, 3 bks & 20 music)920/BRAMusicNon-Fiction
Brand, Dr Margaret E Vision for God920/BRABiographyNon-Fiction
Briscoe, JillThere's a snake in my garden920/BRIBiographyNon-Fiction
Buksbazen,LydiaThey looked for a city920/BUKBiographyNon-Fiction
Bull, GeofferyWhen iron gates yield920/BULBiographyNon-Fiction
Carson, BenGifted hands920/CARBiographyNon-Fiction
Caskie, DonaldThe tartan pimpernel920/CASBiographyNon-Fiction
CBMHelping the world to see920/CBMBiographyNon-Fiction
Cheatham, Melvin L. Come walk with me920/CheBiographyNon-Fiction
Church, LeslieKnight of the burning heart920/CHUBiographyNon-Fiction
Cleland, MaxStrong at the broken bones920/CLEBiographyNon-Fiction
Colson, CharlesBorn again920/COLBiographyNon-Fiction
Costello, TimThe streets of hope920/COSBiographyNon-Fiction
Court, Margaret with Oldfield, BarbaraWinning faith. The Margaret Court story920/COUBiographyNon-Fiction
Cruz, NickRun baby run920/CRUBiographyNon-Fiction
Cunningham, LorenIs that really you,Lord?920/CUNBiographyNon-Fiction
David, Br.God's smuggler to China920/DAVBiographyNon-Fiction
Davis, RobertMy journey into alzheimer's disease920/DAVBiographyNon-Fiction
Dowdy, Homer EThe bamboo cross920/DOWBiographyNon-Fiction
Down, Goldie MThe man , the media, the mission920/DOWBiographyNon-Fiction
Earickson, JoniJoni920/EARBiographyNon-Fiction
Eldredse,StasiBlessings of the poor920/ELDBiographyNon-Fiction
Fay, Fr. LukeA long harvest920/FAYBiographyNon-Fiction
Foxe, JohnFoxes Christian martyrs of the world920/FOXBiographyNon-Fiction
Grayshon, JaneVicar's wife on the move920/GRABiographyNon-Fiction
Grayson, JaneConfessions of a Vicar's wife920/GRABiographyNon-Fiction
Gustafson, RoyIn His land. Seeing is believing920/GUSBiographyNon-Fiction
Hale, ThomasDon't let the goats eat the loquat trees920/HALBiographyNon-Fiction
Hamer, GloriaHelp, Lord! I'm hospitalized920/HAMBiographyNon-Fiction
Hattaway,PaulThe heavenly man. The story of Brother Yun920/HATBiographyNon-Fiction
Henriquez, Jose Miracle in the mine920/HENAutobiographyNon-Fiction
Henriquez, Jose Miracle in the mine920/HENBiographyNon-Fiction
Howe, Susie Resistance fighter920/HOWBiographyNon-Fiction
Howell, James C.Servants, misfits and martyrs920/HOWBiographyNon-Fiction
Huang, Dr ChiWhen invisible children sing920/HUABiographyNon-Fiction
Jones, CarolineAn authentic life.920/JONBiographyNon-Fiction
Jones, ClarenceCome to this mountain920/JONBiographyNon-Fiction
KerygmaThe Bible in depth (1 leader's guide & 4 bks.)920/KERBible StudiesNon-Fiction
KerygmaThe light will shine. Advent (1 leader's guide & 6 bks)920/KERBible StudiesNon-Fiction
KerygmaSowing tears, reaping joy (1 leader's guide & 3 bks)920/KERBible StudiesNon-Fiction
Kuehne, EdnaTurning the sting into zing920/KUEBiographyNon-Fiction
Ness, LachlanA kangaroo loose in the top paddock920/LACBiographyNon-Fiction
Adair, LawrensGlass houses: paper men920/LAWBiographyNon-Fiction
Liu, IssacSon of the underground920/LIUBiographyNon-Fiction
Lock, GrantShoot me first920/LOCBiographyNon-Fiction
Lungi, StephenOut of the black shadows920/LUNBiographyNon-Fiction
Luvestrand, HaroldHostage in Djarkarta920/LUVBiographyNon-Fiction
Magnusson, SallyThe flying Scotsman920/MAGBiographyNon-Fiction
Martin, Graham C.Headhunter920/MARBiographyNon-Fiction
Marshall, CatherineA man called Peter920/MASBiographyNon-Fiction
McInnes, EthelShattered and restored920/MCIAutobiographyNon-Fiction
Meroff, DeborahTrue grit920/MERBiographyNon-Fiction
Murray, AngelaThrough the eyes of a street child920/MURBiographyNon-Fiction
Nichols, AlanDavid Penman920/NICBiographyNon-Fiction
Nightingale, RitaFreed for life920/NIGBiographyNon-Fiction
Nikkel, RonRadical love in a broken world920/NIKBiographyNon-Fiction
Nimmo, Beth & ScottRachel's tears920/NIMBiographyNon-Fiction
Nouwen, HenriAdam, God's beloved920/NOUBiographyNon-Fiction
Pietz, MariettaJourney into the shadow of light920/PIEBiographyNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianThe sacred diary of Adrian Plass920/PLABiographyNon-Fiction
Plass, AdrianWar of the worlds920/PLABiographyNon-Fiction
Plass, Adrian & BridgetThe son of God is dancing920/PLABiographyNon-Fiction
Poe, Harry LeeThe inklings of Oxford920/POEBiographyNon-Fiction
Pollock, JohnBilly Graham920/POLBiographyNon-Fiction
Pullinger, JackieChasing the dragon920/PULSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Rosveare, HelenGive me this mountain920/ROSBiographyNon-Fiction
Roever, DaveScarred920/SCABiographyNon-Fiction
Shelby, Audrey GraceBehind the veils of Yemen920/SHEBiographyNon-Fiction
Shepherd, JaneDare to fly920/SHEBiographyNon-Fiction
Shepherd, JaneNever tell me never920/SHEBiographyNon-Fiction
Stallard, JimGod's quad920/STABiographyNon-Fiction
Stallard, JimYou owe me dinner920/STABiographyNon-Fiction
Steer, RogerGood news for the world920/STEBiographyNon-Fiction
ten Boom, CorrieTramp for the Lord920/TENBiographyNon-Fiction
Grant-Thompson, JeannetteJodie's story920/THOBiographyNon-Fiction
Tiner, Joseph HJohannes Kepler. Giant of faith and science920/TINBiographyNon-Fiction
Varney, Thomas ABreaking loose920/VARBiographyNon-Fiction
Voice of MartyrsHearts of fire920/VOIBiographyNon-Fiction
Waite, TerryTaken on trust920/WAIBiographyNon-Fiction
Warren, RickThe purpose driven life920/WARSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Wilkerson, GwenThe cross and the scapel920/WILBiographyNon-Fiction
Williams, DianaHorizon is where Heaven and Earth meet920/WILBiographyNon-Fiction
Williams,DianaHorizon is where heaven and earth meet920/WILAutobiographyNon-Fiction
Wilson, BruceThe human journey920/WILSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Wilson, DorothyThe Granny Brand story920/WILBiographyNon-Fiction
Wilson, Dorothy ClarkeTen fingers for God920/WILBiographyNon-Fiction
Wilson, RayTragedy turned to triumph920/WILBiographyNon-Fiction
Witham, EllaElla920/WITBiographyNon-Fiction
World VisionBeing Christian, being human920/WORSmall GroupsNon-Fiction
Wu, HarryBitter winds920/WUBiographyNon-Fiction
Zettersten, RolfTurning hearts towards home. The life and principles of Dr James Dobson920/ZETBiographyNon-Fiction
Campolo, TonyHow to rescue the Earth without worshipping nature925/CAMEnvironmentNon-Fiction
Goldsmith, EdwardBattle for the Earth925/GOLEnvironmentNon-Fiction
Threlfo,GlenBirds that walk on water925/THREnvironmentNon-Fiction
Threlfo,GlenSharing a dream925/THREnvironmentNon-Fiction
Vic. Council of ChurchesEnvironment matters925/VICEnvironmentNon-Fiction
Loan, Marcus, LThe hill of the cross940/ LOABible StudiesSmall Groups
Apokis, ConChristians: catylist for change940/APOSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Armstrong, JanThe fifth gospel940/ARMBible StudiesSmall Groups
Barclay, WilliamIntroducing the Bible940/BARBible StudiesSmall Groups
Barclay, WilliamThe plain man looks at Jesus940/BARBible StudiesSmall Groups
Barclay, WilliamThe Master's men940/BARBiographyNon-Fiction
Barclay, WilliamThe old law and the new law940/BARSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Beattire, MelodyThe language of letting go940/BEASmall GroupsSmall Groups
Bodycomb, JohnThe teaching that could change the world940/BODSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Bridge, DonaldSpiritual gifts and the church940/BRISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Bridges, JerryThe pursuit of holiness940/BRISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Clack, ClemThe tomb is empty940/CLABible StudiesSmall Groups
UnknownCome Holy Spirit940/COMSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Cousins, Don & Poling, JustinBuilding your church940/COUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Duncan, MichaelMoving out. Taking your place in God's world940/DUNSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Eddison, JoanUnderstanding leadership940/EDDSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Edgar, BrianThe message of the Trinity940/EDGBible StudiesSmall Groups
Eyre, Stephen DJeremiah. Demanding love940/EYEBible StudiesSmall Groups
Flynn, Leslie B19 gifts of the Spirit940/FLYSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Frost, RobThe way of the cross940/FROBible StudiesSmall Groups
Gaukroger, StephenGrowing your gifts940/GAUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Gaukroger, StephenIt makes sense940/GAUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Gillquist, Peter ELove is now940/GILSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Graham, BillyGod's secret agents940/GRASmall GroupsSmall Groups
Graham, JimForgiveness940/GRASmall GroupsSmall Groups
Greenslade, PhilipSongs for all seasons. Cover to cover Bible discovery940/GREBible StudiesSmall Groups
Herklots, H.C.G.How the Bible came to us940/HERSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Hunt, GladysJohn: Eyewitness940/HUNBible StudiesSmall Groups
Joint Board of Christian EducationI believe in Jesus Christ940/JBCBible StudiesSmall Groups
Joint Board of Christian EducationCome Holy Spirit940/JOIBible StudiesSmall Groups
Kunz, MarilynI Corinthinans: Challenge to maturity940/KUNBible StudiesSmall Groups
Kunz, MarylinPsalms and Proverbs940/KUnBible StudiesSmall Groups
Kunz, Marylin & Schnell, CSmall group Bible studies. Acts940/KUNBible StudiesSmall Groups
Kunz, Marylin & Schnell, CSmall group Bible studies. Ephesians and Philemon940/KUNBible StudiesSmall Groups
Le Peau, Andrew T & Phyllis JJames. Faith that works940/LEOBible StudiesSmall Groups
Lloyd-Jones, Dr. MartynAuthority940/LLOSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Lumb, JanetMoney and things940/LUMSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Mallison, JohnBuilding small groups in the Christian community940/MALSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Mallison,JohnChristian lifestyle940/MALSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Merconi, Peter & Others Wholeness940/MENSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Miller, KeithHow can I find God?940/MILSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Morris, LeonThe Lord from heaven940/MORSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Morrison, FrankWho moved the stone?940/MORBible StudiesSmall Groups
NavigatorsThe Navigators Bible study handbook940/NAVBible StudiesSmall Groups
Omartian, StormieThe power of a praying parent940/OMASmall GroupsSmall Groups
Packer, J.I.God has spoken940/PACSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Peace,RichardHoly conversation. Talking about God in everyday life940/PEASmall GroupsSmall Groups
Pell, PattyEsther940/PELBible StudiesSmall Groups
Pierson, LanceJourneys of discovery940/PIESmall GroupsSmall Groups
Pointer, RoyGood things come in small groups940/POISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Porter, MurielBeyond the twelve940/PORSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Potter, JohnLet's tackle the book of Revalations940/POTBible StudiesSmall Groups
Potter, RonGod's marvellous message940/POTSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Rainey, Shannon BAnger940/RAIAngerNon-Fiction
Ridenour, FritzHow to be Christian without being religious940/RIDSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Schuller, Robert HDiscover how to get your priorities straight940/SCHSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Serendipidy Bible Study BookSerendipidy New testament for groups940/SERBible StudiesSmall Groups
Serendipity Group Bible StudiesGospel of Mark940/SERBible StudiesSmall Groups
Smith, Hannah WhitehallThe Christian's secret happy life940/SMISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Stewart, JohnBiblical holism940/STESmall GroupsSmall Groups
Stott, John S. W.The Bible book for today940/STOBible StudiesSmall Groups
Swindoll, CharlesCome before winter and share my hope940/SWISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Takenaka, MasaoYour Kingdom come940/TAKSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Thomas, I.D.E.God's harvest940/THOSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Uniting Church in AustraliaJourneying together940/UNISmall GroupsSmall Groups
Walker, AlanWhat is the meaning of life?940/WALSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Wallis ArthurLiving God's way940/WALSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Watson Nigel ed.Jesus Christ for us940/WATBible StudiesSmall Groups
Waugh, GeoffFruit and gifts of the Spirit940/WAUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Waugh, GeoffKingdom life940/WAUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
White, PaulLion hunter940/WHIBiographyNon-Fiction
Williams, David JohnThe promise of His coming940/WILBible StudiesSmall Groups
Wimber, JohnPractical healing940/WIMSmall GroupsSmall Groups
World VisionThe Bible and justice940/WORSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Yohn, RickExplore the Bible yourself940/YOHBible StudiesSmall Groups
Yohn, RickBeyond spiritual gifts940/YOHSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Young, JohnDiscipleship940/YOUSmall GroupsSmall Groups
Meyer, F.B.Strength for the day941/ MEYInspirational
Wangerin Jr., WalterRagman941/ WANInspirational
Barrett ElizabethThe secret sign941/BARInspirational
Casey, MichaelTowards God941/CASInspirational
Cook Communication MinitriesHere I am to worship. Devotional941/COOInspirational
Cowman, L.B.Streams in the desert941/COWInspirational
Croucher, RolandGrow. Meditations and prayers for new Christians941/CROInspirational
Croucher, RowlandStill waters, deep waters941/CROInspirational
Durkee, JackSo what's the difference?941/DURInspirational
Elderidge,JohnThe ransomed heart941/ELDInspirational
Elliot, ElizabethOn asking God why941/ELLInspirational
Fay, Fr. LukeThe Earth and its fullness941/FAYInspirational
Fay, Fr. LukeBy the waters of Galilee941/FAYYouth
Hickingbotham, IanWaiting for the tide941/HICInspirational
Hill, Harland ACure your devotional blahs941/HILInspirational
Hulme-Moir, DorothyAutumn Leaves941/HULInspirational
Brother LawrenceThe practice and presence of God941/LAWInspirational
Fay, Fr. LukePresence in the desert941/LAYInspirational
Lucado, MaxEveryday blessings941/LUCInspirational
Lucas, JeffLife with Lucas941/LUCDevotional
Lucas, JeffLife everyday. Friends rediscovered941/LUCInspirational
Marshall, CatherineTo live again941/MARInspirational
McMenamamin, CindiWhen women walk alone941/MCMInspirational
Meadows, Peter & Steinberg, JosephBeyond belief941/MEAInspirational
Meyer, JoyceLife in the word941/MEYInspirational
Pelzer, DaveMoving forward941/PELInspirational
Petersen, Eugene His unfolding grace941/PETInspirational
Rivers, FrancineA lineage of grace941/RIVInspirational
Shirer, PatriciaIs that you God? A taste of discerning the voice of God941/SHIInspirational
Spurgeon, CharlesFinding peace in life's storms941/SPUInspirational
Swindoll, CharlesRise and shine941/SWIInspirational
Tacey, DavidRe enchantment941/TACInspirational
Veerman, David R & Lucas, Daryl JOne year through the Bible941/VEEDevotional
Waite, TerryFootfalls in memory941/WAIInspirational
Scipture UnionRSVP Discovering Jesus in John's Gospel950 SCRYouth
Anderson, Geraldine ed.40 Devotions that work with youth950/ANDYouth
Baker, PatMore simulation games950/BAKYouth
Baker, Pat & Marshall, Mary-RuthUsing simulation games950/BAKYouth
Barrett, EthelGod, have You got it all together?950/BARYouth
Haig, AnitaRap, rhyme and reason950/HAIYouth
Marshall, Mary RuthIt's Tuesday night again950/MARYouth
Marshall, Mary RuthLooking ahead950/MARYouth
Scripture UnionWhat now?950/SCRYouth
Sherlock, Charles & PeterThe God book950/SHEYouth
Souter, JohnThe all new super incredible bible study book on Mark950/SOUYouth
World VisionSelf interest or just human relationship950/WORYouth
Blombery, Tricia & Hughes, PhilipFaith, alive975,BLOReligion
Allan, JohnShopping for a God975/ALLReligion
Bentley, PeterFaith without the church975/BENReligion
Hill, FionaIslam975/HILReligion
Hughes, PhilipBelieve it or not975/HUGReligion
Hughes, PhilipReligion a view…from the Australian census975/HUGReligion
Kaldor, PeterWho goes there? Who doesn't care?975/KALReligion
Nightingale, RonOne way through the jungle975/NIGReligion
Roffey, John WJews and Christians. Creating a new spirit975/ROFReligion
Wilson, CliffordThe war of the chariots975/WILReligion
Moyes, GordonWhen Box Hill was a village990/MOYHistory
Bambola, SylviaRefiner's fire823A/BAMFictionalFictional
Berthelsen, Jo-AnneLaura823A/BERFictionalFictional
Dunaway, PatriciaA distant call823A/DUNFictionalFictional
Elliot, ElizabethNo graven image823A/ELLFictionalFictional
Fortosis, Stephen ed.A treasury of great Christmas stories823A/FORChristmasFictional
Fynn,Mister God. This is Anna823A/FYNFictionalFictional
Gibson, ElizabethThe water is wide823A/GIBFictionalFictional
Girzone, JosephJoshua and the city823A/GIRFictionalFictional
Hinke, SharonRenovating Becky Miller823A/HINFictionalFictional
Holmes, MarjorieThree men from Galilee823A/HolFictionalFictional
Jackman, StuartThe burning men823A/JACFictionalFictional
Jackman, StuartThe Davidson affair823A/JACFictionalFictional
Karon, JanShepherds abiding823A/KARFictionalFictional
Karon, JanA common life823A/KARFictionalFictional
Lawton, WendyThe captive princess823A/LAWFictionalFictional
Lewis, C.S.The Screwtape letters823A/LEWFictionalFictional
MacDonald, GeorgeThe gentlewoman's choice823A/MACFictionalFictional
Marshall, CatherineJulie823A/MARFictionalFictional
Mckay, LisaMy hands came away red823A/MCKFictionalFictional
Miller, ElizabethOperation Jonah823A/MILFictionalFictional
Moore, JenniferThe copper house823A/MOOFictionalFictional
Moore, JenniferMountain Ash Road823A/MOOFictionalFictional
Moore, JenniferThe waterdogs823A/MooFictionalFictional
Oke, JanetteThe measure of a heart823A/OKEFictionalFictional
Oke, JanetteA quiet strength823A/OKEFictionalFictional
Pella, JudithPassage into light823A/PELFictionalFictional
Reedon, MargaretCurrency lass (3 copies)823A/REEFictionalFictional
Reedon, MargaretCertain lives823A/REEFictionalFictional
Sadler, ChrisThe long trip823A/SADFictionalFictional
Secombe, FredGoodbye curate823A/SECFictionalFictional
Stiller, MargaretCentralian challenge823A/STIFictionalFictional
Swindol, Charles RSuddenly one morning823A/SWIFictionalFictional
Wangarin, WalterPaul823A/WANFictionalFictional
Allen, Rev. Dr JVisits to the temple823J/ALLBible StoriesJunior Fiction
Allen, Rev. Dr JFriends of Jesus823J/ALLJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Ansoul, RichardTask force J.823J/ANSJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Ansoul,RichardTask force J. Top secret823J/ANSJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Barfield, MargaretBellowing Bartimus823J/BARJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Bartham, CathyOperation Sandy823J/BARJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Bartham, CathyTricky business823J/BARJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Bibee, JohnThe toy champion823J/BIBJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Bishop, LynetteThe key of Zorgon823J/BISJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Bishop, LynetteThe King's quest823J/BISJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Coleman, PatDefenders of the valley823J/COLJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Dahl, RoaldFantastic Mr. Fox823J/DAHJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Denimal, EricMemory thief823J/DENJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyJesus calls His disciples823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyMoses, prince and shepherd823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyThe shepherd boy of Bethlehem823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyThe story of Daniel823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyThe story of David823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyThe story of Joseph823J/DIABible StoriesJunior Fiction
Diamond, LucyThe child of the temple823J/DIAJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Dickinson, SusanThe kindly traveller823J/DICJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Durstewitz, Mark ACode red on star ship Englisia823J/DURJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Fidge, LouisDown on the farm823J/FIDJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Grant, AlanThe bear's midnight feast and other stories823J/GRAJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Hahn, JenniferNoah's favourite animal jokes823J/HAHJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Halsall, MartynDragon year823J/HALJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Hare, D.S.The story of Peter the fisherman823J/HARBible StoriesJunior Fiction
Haynes, BarbaraFrom tomorrow on823J/HAYJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Haynes, BarbaraJason's gift823J/HAYJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Heley, VeronicaGenius at work823J/HELJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Heley, VeronicaHawkeye hits the jackpot823J/HELJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Heley, VeronicaNatasha's swing823J/HELJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Hopkins, AudreyJoanna's journey823J/HOPJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Hopkins, AudreyLove and Laura823J/HOPJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Jones, GrahamThe bike823J/JONJunior FictionJunior Fiction
King, CeciliaAndrew and the baked beans823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
King, CeciliaAndrew and the teddy bear's picnic823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Kinnear, KayFriends! Who needs them?823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Kinnear, KayJake the juggler823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Kinnear, KayMuddle is my middle name823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Kirtley, RuthNicky and the bumble bee823J/KIRJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Kirtley, RuthNicky's shadow823J/KIRJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.Prince Caspian823J/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The horse and his boy823J/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The last battle823J/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The magicians nephew823J/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The silver chair823J/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Lewis, C.S.The voyage of the Dawn Treader823j/LEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Martin, DorothyNew Life823J/MARJunior FictionJunior Fiction
McCulloch, KeithLoud speakers for God823J/MCCJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Montagnon, KateChanging courses823J/MONJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Moore, SusanWhat should my child read?823J/MOOJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Newman, MarjorieThe children at Willow Green823J/NEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Ogden, BrianMaximus mouse823J/OGDJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Ogden, BrianNoughty and the alien spaceman823J/OGDJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Ogden, BrianNoughty and the alien spancam823J/OGDJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Oldham, CaroolThe birthday puppy823J/KINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
O'Neill, JudithThe message823J/ONEJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Palmer, BernardThe Orlis twins live for Christ823J/PALJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Peritti, FrankThe deadly curse of Toco-Ray823J/PERJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Poyner,AliceEast into yesterday823J/POYJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Robertson, JennyGideon and Samson823J/ROBBible StoriesJunior Fiction
Robertson, JennyA part to play823J/ROBJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Rock, NoraDothan the dreamer823J/ROCJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Roff, TrevorNew boy at Wood End823J/ROFJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Roff, TrevorThe love of money823J/ROFJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Rostron, Hilda IStories about Jesus the friend823J/ROSBible StoriesJunior Fiction
Sargent, IanNoah versus the syndicate823J/SARJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Snelling, LauraineThe race823J/SNEJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Spence, EleanorMe and Joshua823J/SPEJunior FictionJunior Fiction
St John, PatriciaThe Patricia St John Christmas book823J/STJChristmasJunior Fiction
St John, PatriciaThe mystery of pheasant cottage823J/STJJunior FictionJunior Fiction
St John, PatriciaThe other kitten823J/STJJunior FictionJunior Fiction
St John, PatriciaWhere the river begins823J/STJJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Thompson, MollieA Letter for Emma823J/THOJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Thompson, MollieRat pack823J/THOJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Thompson, MollieThe island girl823J/THOJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Thompson, MollieThe lost donkey823J/THOJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Vinall, GailA family for Ben823J/VINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Vinall, GailRoughshod ride823J/VINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Vinall, GailWalking disaster823J/VINJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Wellman, ElizabethThe star of David823J/WELJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Whelan, GloriaA time to keep silent823J/WHEJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJunge Doctor's crooked dealings823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJungle Doctor and the whirlwind823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJungle Doctor in slippery places823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJungle Doctor on top823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJungle Doctor spots a leopard823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
White, PaulJungle Doctor's enemies823J/WHIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Willett, AnneRace to Wickham Light823J/WICJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Willett, AnneRaiders on Penguin Island823J/WILJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Witcher, GeraldineThe owl watch823J/WITJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Wright, ChristineComing back823J/WRIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Wright, ChristineMore than a match823J/WRIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Wright, ChristineStorytime823J/NEWJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Wright, ChristineThe turnabout823J/WRIJunior FictionJunior Fiction
Hodgson Burnett, FThe secret gardenTB/10Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The lion, the witch and the wardrobeTB/1Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.Prince CaspianTB/2Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The magician's nephewTB/3Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The horse and his boyTB/4Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The voyage of the Dawn TreaderTB/6Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The silver chairTB/7Junior FictionAudio Books
Lewis, C.S.The last battleTB/8Junior FictionAudio Books
Montgomery, I.M.Anne of Green GablesTB/9Junior FictionAudio Books
Palin, MichaelFull circleTB/20TravelAudio Books
Smith, AshleyUnlikely angelTB/12BiographyAudio Books
White, IanPsalmsTB/13BibleAudio Books
A Bruno BookFriends of Jesus900/BRUPicture StoryPicture Story
Allen, Rev Dr. J.F.Angry Jonah900/ALLBible StoriesPicture Story
Allen, Rev Dr. J.F.Friends of Jesus900/ALLBible StoriesPicture Story
Amery, HeatherMoses in the bullrushes900/AMEBible StoriesPicture Story
AndrewThe story keepers. Roar in the night900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
AndrewThe story keepers. Starlight escape900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Andrews, Michelle & PaulHere, there and forever where900/ANDPicture StoryPicture Story
Andrews, Michelle & PaulJust like me900/ANDPicture StoryPicture Story
Andrews, Michelle & PaulWill anyone listen to me?900/ANDPicture StoryPicture Story
Barfield, MargaretTalking to God900/BARPicture StoryPicture Story
Bartlam, CathieTricky business900/BARPicture StoryPicture Story
Batchelor, MaryThe Lion Book of children's prayer900/BATPrayerPicture Story
Bavington, RusselThe proud camel900/BAVPicture StoryPicture Story
Baxter LeonThe Christmas story900/BAXChristmasPicture Story
Baxter LeonDavid and Goliath900/BAXBible StoriesPicture Story
Baxter LeonIn the beginning900/BAXBible StoriesPicture Story
Baxter LeonNoah's ark900/BAXBible StoriesPicture Story
Bergen, Lisa TawnGod gave us you900/BERPicture StoryPicture Story
Bibea, JoanThe runaway parents900/BIBPicture StoryPicture Story
Bible Pop-upThe story of Jonah900/BIBBible StoriesPicture Story
Briscoe, Stuart & JillHow strong is God?900/BRIPicture StoryPicture Story
Briscoe, Stuart & JillIs God ever naughty?900/BRIPicture StoryPicture Story
Broughton, PamelaNoah's ark900/BROBible StoriesPicture Story
Brouwer, SigmundAnnie Ant, don't cry900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Brouwer, SigmundDaddy Ant, you never listen900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Brouwer, SigmundMommy Ant, eat your vegetables900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Brown, Brian The story keepers. Lion in the night900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Brown, Brian The story keepers. Starlight escape900/BROPicture StoryPicture Story
Butterworth, NickThe cat's tale. Jesus at the wedding900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickHouse on the rock900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickThe mouse's tale. Jesus and the storm900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickThe rich farmer900/BUTPicture StoryPicture Story
Butterworth, NickStories Jesus told900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickStories Jesus told, The precious pearl900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickStories Jesus told. Ten silver coins900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickStories Jesus told.The two sons900/BUTBible StoriesPicture Story
Butterworth, NickWho made----in the garden?900/BUTPicture StoryPicture Story
Butterworth, NickWonderful Earth900/BUTPicture StoryPicture Story
Butterworth, NickThe magpie's tale900/BUTPicture StoryPicture Story
Candle Books (pub)The wise men900/CANChristmasPicture Story
Candle Books (pub.)Noah's ark900/CANBible StoriesPicture Story
Candle Books (pub.)The story of Easter giant flap book900/CANEasterPicture Story
Candle Books (pub.)The wise men900/CANChristmasPicture Story
Carison, MelodyBenjamin's box900/CAREasterPicture Story
Carroll, MichaelLightning and rainbows900/CARPicture StoryPicture Story
Caswell, HelenGod is always with me900/CASPicture StoryPicture Story
Caswell, HelenGod's love is for sharing900/CASPicture StoryPicture Story
Caswell, HelenThe parable of the leaven900/CASBible StoriesPicture Story
Caswell, HelenThe parable of the lost sheep900/CASBible StoriesPicture Story
Christian FocusDr. Luke's casebook900/CHRPicture StoryPicture Story
Clack, ClemThe Bible in focus900/CLABible StoriesPicture Story
Crabbe, DeliaWhen I had leukaemia900/CRAHealthPicture Story
Croser, JosephineLet's go900/CROPicture StoryPicture Story
Currell, KevinKen Kanga finds the way900/CURPicture StoryPicture Story
Currie, RobinZacchaesus the little man900/CURBible StoriesPicture Story
Davidson, JoyceMiriam and the baby Moses900/DAVBible StoriesPicture Story
Davis, HelenInside the chip900/DAVPicture StoryPicture Story
Davis, TaffyMiles and the weather bureau900/DAVPicture StoryPicture Story
Davis, TaffyThe new star900/DAVPicture StoryPicture Story
Dear GodDear God900/DEAPrayerPicture Story
Doney, MerylAll in the ark900/DONBible StoriesPicture Story
Farris, Dan (Illustrator)Bible verse coloring pages900/FARBible StoriesPicture Story
Figley, Mary RhodesNoah's wife900/FIGBible StoriesPicture Story
Fogel, Jeanne SSeasons of God's love900/FOGPicture StoryPicture Story
Fogel, Jeanne SSigns of God's love900/FOGPicture StoryPicture Story
Fogel, Jeanne SSymbols of God's love900/FOGPicture StoryPicture Story
Foreman, Julie The story of God's creation900/FORBible StoriesPicture Story
Fox, MemWombat drive900/FOXPicture StoryPicture Story
Frank, PennyThe first Easter900/FRAEasterPicture Story
Frank, PennyGood news for everyone900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennyJesus on trial900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennyJesus the King900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennyThe princess and the baby900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennySamson the strong man900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennySecrets that Jesus told900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennyThe story of the good Samaritan900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Frank, PennyThe story of the sower900/FRABible StoriesPicture Story
Godfrey, JanHenry's surprise party900/GODPicture StoryPicture Story
Godfrey, JanMe at the dentist900/GODPicture StoryPicture Story
Godfrey, JanMe in the hospital900/GODPicture StoryPicture Story
Godfrey, JanWho made the morning?900/GODPicture StoryPicture Story
Graham, Ruth BellOne wintry night900/GRAPicture StoryPicture Story
Grant, AlainIsobel's cat900/GRAPicture StoryPicture Story
Graystone, PeterIf I had lived in Jesus time900/GRAPicture StoryPicture Story
Grindley, SallyWhat if zebras lost their stripes?900/GRIPicture StoryPicture Story
Hall, RachelThe lost son900/HALBible StoriesPicture Story
Hare, D.S.The story of Peter the fisherman900/HARBible StoriesPicture Story
Hartman, BobCheer up, chicken900/HARPicture StoryPicture Story
Hartman, BobTime to go, Hippo 900/HARPicture StoryPicture Story
Hashmi, KerriYou and me Murrawee900/HASPicture StoryPicture Story
Hastings, SelinaDavid and Goliath and other Bible stories900/HASBible StoriesPicture Story
Hawes, MaryNoah's ark900/HAWBible StoriesPicture Story
Hawes, MaryFind out about Bible people900/HAWChristmasPicture Story
Hawes, MaryFind out about Christmas900/HAWBible StoriesPicture Story
Hearn, ShirleyFind out about God900/HEAPicture StoryPicture Story
Hill, DavidHello God, it's me900/HILBible StoriesPicture Story
Hochstatter, Daniel (Ill)The walls came tumbling down900/HOCPicture StoryPicture Story
Hogrogian, NonnySammy's incredible travels with Jesus-------900/HOGBible StoriesPicture Story
Hong Kong Bib. Soc.Noah's ark900/HONBible StoriesPicture Story
Hong Kong Bib. Soc.Children's Bible. Vol.1900/HONBible StoriesPicture Story
Hopkins, Mary RiceChildren's Bible. Vol.3900/HOPPicture StoryPicture Story
Ingram. MargaretHip hip hip hippotamus900/INGPicture StoryPicture Story
Ingram. MargaretThe jealous harvest men900/INGPicture StoryPicture Story
Johnson, BarbaraThe jealous harvest mouse900/JOHPrayerPicture Story
Jones, GrahamThe peppercorn parade and the power of prayer900/JONPicture StoryPicture Story
Kennedy, Rev. DannaHow they lived in Bible times900/KENPicture StoryPicture Story
Kenneth, Brother My very first golden Bible900/KENPicture StoryPicture Story
King, KarenBells are ringing900/KINPicture StoryPicture Story
King, KarenWhere's God?900/KINBible StoriesPicture Story
King, Ron & LynWhere's the baby King?900/KINEasterPicture Story
Kirtley, RuthJesus lives900/KIRPicture StoryPicture Story
Kossoff, DavidNicky's shadow900/KOSBible StoriesPicture Story
Lansdoll's (pub)Bible stories900/LANBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, MarilynThe story of Noah. A Bible pop up900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, Marilyn"I don't want to." The story of Noah900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, Marilyn"It's not my fault." Man's big mistake900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, Marilyn"I'll pray anyway." The story of Daniel900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, MarilynSomeone to love. The story of Creation900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, MarylinWho needs a boat?900/LASChristmasPicture Story
Lashbrook, MarylinNo tree for Christmas. The story of Jesus birth900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Lashbrook, MarylinGood, better, best. The story of Mary and Martha900/LASBible StoriesPicture Story
Latourette, Jane R.God's happy helpers. The story of Tabitha and friends900/LATBible StoriesPicture Story
Latourette, Jane R.Daniel in the lion's den900/LATPicture StoryPicture Story
Lewis, BeverleyJon and the little lost lamb900/LEWPicture StoryPicture Story
Lion PublishingCows in the house900/LIOPicture StoryPicture Story
Lloyd Jones, SallyGreat and small900/LLOPicture StoryPicture Story
Lucano, MaxDavid and Goliath900/LUCPicture StoryPicture Story
Lucano, MaxThe crippled lamb900/LUCChristmasPicture Story
Lucano, MaxA fruitcake Christmas900/LUCPicture StoryPicture Story
Lucano, MaxHermie, a common caterpillar900/LUCPicture StoryPicture Story
Lucano, MaxPunchinello and the most marvellous gift900/LUCPicture StoryPicture Story
Macklin, JillYou are special900/MACBereavementPicture Story
McLean, KatherineRemebering and going on. (helping children cope with death)900/MCLBible StoriesPicture Story
McLean, RuthThe Bible book900/MCLPicture StoryPicture Story
Mills, PeterDr. Luke's casebook900/MILChristmasPicture Story
Mills, PeterThe star of Bethlehem900/MILPicture StoryPicture Story
Mitchell, Vic (Ill)Fire, fire900/MITBible StoriesPicture Story
Moody, D.L.Lost and found900/MooPicture StoryPicture Story
Murdock, H. I.The promise book900/MURBible StoriesPicture Story
Murdock, HiDavid900/MURBible StoriesPicture Story
Murdock, HiNoah's ark900/MURBible StoriesPicture Story
Murdock, HiJoseph900/MURBible StoriesPicture Story
Newman, MarjorieMoses900/NEWPrayerPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynMy book of prayers900/NYSPicture StoryPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynAndy's big question900/NYSPicture StoryPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynEmma says ,"Goodbye"900/NYSHoly SpiritPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynThe Holy Spirit in me900/NYSPicture StoryPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynJenny and Grandma900/NYSPicture StoryPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynMike's lovely summer900/NYSPrayerPicture Story
Nystrom, CarolynWhat is prayer?900/NYSBible StoriesPicture Story
Ogden, BrianWhat is the Bible?900/OGDPicture StoryPicture Story
Ogden, Brian Maximus mouse900/OGDPicture StoryPicture Story
Ogden, Brian Maximus goes on holiday (2)900/OGDPicture StoryPicture Story
Oldham, CarolMaximus and the television900/OLDBible StoriesPicture Story
Osbourne, RickSecrets900/OSBChristmasPicture Story
Palmer, GlendaThe legend of the Christmas tree900/PALPicture StoryPicture Story
Parry, Alan & LindaGood Sam900/PARPicture StoryPicture Story
Parry, Alan & LindaThe evergreen wood900/PARPicture StoryPicture Story
Parry, Alan & LindaLook for the rainbow900/PARBible StoriesPicture Story
Perry, MarylinThe lost son900/PERChristmasPicture Story
Perry, MarylinJourneying to Bethlehem900/PERPicture StoryPicture Story
Petach, HeidiThankyou God for me900/PETBible StoriesPicture Story
Pilling, AnnJonah - the inside story900/PILPicture StoryPicture Story
Pinchbeck, NeilThe donkey's out900/PINBible StoriesPicture Story
Pipe, RhondaJonah speak for God900/PIPBible StoriesPicture Story
Pledger, MauriceWhere is Noah?900/PLEPicture StoryPicture Story
Pride, MaryAn adventure with Ozzie Owl900/PRIPicture StoryPicture Story
Pride, MaryThe better butter bait900/PRIPicture StoryPicture Story
Reitano, JohnThe greenie900/REIPicture StoryPicture Story
Rock, LoisWhat if the zebras lost their stripes?900/ROCBible StoriesPicture Story
Rock, LoisA first book. Jesus900/ROCPicture StoryPicture Story
Rock, LoisA first book. The Church900/ROCPrayerPicture Story
Santoren, CharlesThe Lord's Prayer for children900/SANPicture StoryPicture Story
Sattergast, L.J.A stowaway on Noah's ark900/SATPicture StoryPicture Story
Sattergast, L.J.The candle seek and find learning book900/SATBible StoriesPicture Story
Sayers, SusanThe rhyme bible activity book900/SAYPicture StoryPicture Story
Scheck, JoanneJesus is here900/SCHPicture StoryPicture Story
Scrimshire, JamesThe man who took seven baths900/SCRBible StoriesPicture Story
Senter, RuthPostcards from Paul900/SENPicture StoryPicture Story
Sibley, JacquelineAnnie Ashcroft looks into the dark900/SIBPicture StoryPicture Story
Sibley, JacquelineJonathan Mark at the zoo900/SIBPicture StoryPicture Story
Siems, TomMeet Ben900/SIEBible StoriesPicture Story
Siems, TomIn the picture with Jesus900/SIEEasterPicture Story
Smelter, VictorJesus lives900/SMEPicture StoryPicture Story
Smith, BarbaraLight900/SMIPicture StoryPicture Story
Smith, BarbaraGod made900/SMIPicture StoryPicture Story
Smith, BarbaraLet there be colour900/SMIPicture StoryPicture Story
Smith, SimonLet there be sound900/SMIPicture StoryPicture Story
Snelling, LauraineBodge plants a seed900/SNAPicture StoryPicture Story
St John, PatriciaThe race900/STJPicture StoryPicture Story
St John, PatriciaWhere the river begins900/STJChristmasPicture Story
Stockley, CorrineThe Patricia St John Christmas book900/STOPicture StoryPicture Story
Storr, CatherineComputer jargon900/STOBible StoriesPicture Story
Stowell, Gordon (Des)Ruth's story900/STOPicture StoryPicture Story
Stuchbury, DianneThe a-mazing secret900/STUPicture StoryPicture Story
Stuchbury, DianneLook! Activities for young explorers900/STUPicture StoryPicture Story
Tada, Joni EarecksonWould you ever -----?900/TADChristmasPicture Story
Tangvald, Christine A Christmas longing900/TANPicture StoryPicture Story
Tham, PeterWhoosher, the happy little whale900/THAPicture StoryPicture Story
Tham, PeterThe low drag, single side-band, twin whiskered, fleecy feathered homing duck900/THAPicture StoryPicture Story
The Story of Jesus LibraryThe legless, egghead, green , fluffy haired monster900/STOJesus ChristPicture Story
The Story of Jesus LibraryThe story of Jesus library (contains 7 books)900/STOBible StoriesPicture Story
Thorne, JennyThe first Christmas: Jesus grows up: Jesus the storyteller: Jesus the healer: Jesus the miracle worker; Jesus on trial: The first Easter (7 books)900/THOBible StoriesPicture Story
Threlfo, GlenThe walls of Jerico900/THRPicture StoryPicture Story
Walton, FionaGlen Threlfo and the picture in the rainforest900/WALBible StoriesPicture Story
Warne, CliffordLet's explore inside the Bible900/WARPicture StoryPicture Story
Warren, MaryRunaway reindeer900/WARBible StoriesPicture Story
Watson, ElaineThe lame man who walked again900/WATPicture StoryPicture Story
Watson, JeanAll about hands900/WATPicture StoryPicture Story
Watson, JeanAnne and Gran900/WATBible StoriesPicture Story
Whalin, TerryThe kingdom that God built900/WHAPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe brave and gentle shepherd900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe bewildered grave digger900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe daredevil900/WHIBible StoriesPicture Story
White, PaulEasier for a camel900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe great escape900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe great wall900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, PaulThe rescue squad900/WHIBible StoriesPicture Story
White, PaulMan up a tree900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
White, Paul & Threlfo,GlenThe sweet and sour hippo900/WHIPicture StoryPicture Story
Wilkon, Piotr & JozefGlen Threlfo explores a river900/WILBible StoriesPicture Story
Williams, RoseNoah's ark900/WILPicture StoryPicture Story
Williams, RoseWhat am I?900/WILPicture StoryPicture Story
Winder, ClaireWhat is it?900/WINBible StoriesPicture Story
Zillwood, ClaireMy questions and answers about the Bible900/ZILBible StoriesPicture Story
Zillwood, ClaireJehosaphat and Ahab900/ZILBible StoriesPicture Story
Zillwood, ClaireGideon900/ZILBible StoriesPicture Story
Zillwood, ClaireJeremiah900/ZILBible StoriesPicture Story
Nehemiah900/MYPPicture StoryPicture Story
My Bible alphabet book900/ROYPicture StoryPicture Story
The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens900/THAPrayerPicture Story
Thankyou GodPicture Story
A Portrait of Yvonne KennyCD/44GeneralCD
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Auto B Good. Driving it homeDVD/41ChildrenDVD
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Bringing Up Boys. Dr James Dobson Parenting (4)DVD/3FamilyDVD
Colin Buchanan. Remember the Lord. Aussie praise for kidsDVD/9FamilyDVD
Focus on the family. Blazing a trailDVD/60FamilyDVD
Follow the Star - Carols Under the Gums 2004DVD/16ChristmasDVD
Island of GraceDVD/24Christian LifeDVD
Kingdom under the Sea. Return of the KingDVD/10ChildrenDVD
Max Lucado 3:60DVD/50Small GroupsDVD
National Christian Youth ConventionDVD/17YouthDVD
NRUC Church Concert with Linda O'BrienDVD/13FamilyDVD
Precious Moments in Christ AloneDVD/31Christian LifeDVD
Quest. Jonathan's Search for the TruthDVD/15ChildrenDVD
Service of Ordination and Induction. Lavingi Fine TupouDVD/14ChurchDVD
State Youth Games. Nth. R'wood '05DVD/12YouthDVD
The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince CaspianDVD/20ChildrenDVD
The Diary of Anne Frank starring Millie Perkins (G)DVD/1BiographyDVD
The First Christmas. Billy BuddDVD/19ChristmasDVD
The Flying PadreDVD/23MissionDVD
The Hiding PlaceDVD/40BiographyDVD
The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderDVD/21ChildrenDVD
Time to BuildDVD/18ChurchDVD
Tomb of Jesus (Documentary by Simon Brwn)DVD/30DocumentaryDVD
Xpedition Force. Jesus climbs the lonely road to the crossDVD/2ChildrenDVD