Youth and Young Adults

Youth and Young Adults

Whether you are in secondary school, university, or are currently working, we have a ministry for you!

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Children and Families


nrucKIDS is our Sunday morning program for kids aged 0-12. We have a program for you!

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Playgroup is an opportunity for parents and carers to spend quality time with their children, chat, make friends and share experiences with each other.

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After School Kids Club

Enjoy afternoon tea, games, stories, craft and songs as we explore God’s world together.

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20:21 School of Ministry

With a variety of topics throughout the year, the 20:21 School of Ministry is perfectly equipped to help you gain further knowledge in many areas

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The library at NRUC has books, CDs, DVDs, videos and a small selection of magazines all available for borrowing. There are catalogue drawers located in the library area and the borrowing book is usually to be found on top of these. A notice detailing borrowing procedures and a list of subject headings is also to be found in this area. We also have a range of picture story books for younger children which are located in the playgroup area or in the Sunshine Room (which is used as a creche during worship times).

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Local Mission

We are working locally to Make a Difference to those in our communities

North Ringwood Care

North Ringwood Care is a community support program of the congregation. The program provides emergency food relief, referral and support to people in need.

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Kids Hope Mentoring

Kids Hope is a mentoring program started by World Vision Australia. Each adult in the program spends one-to-one time with a nominated child, providing a positive role model and friendship. Ringwood North Primary School invited our participation.

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Christian Religious Education

Three members of the congregation teach CRE at Ringwood North Primary School.  We also hold a Christmas craft day in December, at the school, for children in Grades 5 & 6.

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Asylum Seeker Support

In partnership with Lentara, we support asylum seekers by providing housing and practical assistance as required. Lentara, a Uniting Church organization, works with asylum seekers who are lawfully awaiting an outcome on their refugee status. Individuals face destitution without this invaluable community support.

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Indigenous Reconciliation Group

We are committed to reconciliation and we have a partnership with an Indigenous community at Pukatja in South Australia

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Pastoral Partners

Providing a mantle of care across the congregation.

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Welcome Garden Centre

The Welcome Garden Centre is a vegetable garden located behind the church where produce is grown for the clients of North Ringwood Care.

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Wandin/Seville Support

North Ringwood has established a terrific relationship with the Wandin/Seville congregation. Teams from NRUC support Wandin/Seville several times each year in worship and the congregation of Wandin/Seville joins in worship, once a year, at North Ringwood.

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International Mission

We are working globally to bring the gospel to all nations

Cambodia - Sunshine Centre

The Sunshine Centre in Cambodia offers support to children and their families by providing educational opportunities, food and care. A couple from the congregation journeying through Cambodia became disturbed at seeing children search through rubbish dumps for food. They went back to do something about it. The Sunshine Centre was born

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Vanuatu - Medical Sailing Ministries

It started with transporting medical teams to remote villages on the yacht Chimere in 2008. Dental care and a direct partnership with a local village is developing. The logistics for all these events is organised by members of our congregation.

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Kenya - Kivuli Project

Kivuli means “shelter” in Swahili.  It’s a shelter for children who have no family or little family support.  Members of the congregation have served on the ground at Kivuli in Kenya.

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Peru - Las Lomas

In 2009 a team of ten young people from the congregation journeyed to Peru to work in the poverty stricken Hill of Lomas area with Truth in Christ Ministries.   Working with the children, teenagers and parents, our team found themselves involved in community development.  Real connection happened when amongst the teenagers when we assisted with the development of two soccer teams.

Two adult members, Trev and Julie Vernon have served there on a series of occasions teaching cooking and catering and hygiene skills.

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Mar Sariang - Thailand

North Ringwood Uniting Church has been involved with a Community Based Rehabilitation Project in Mar Sariang, Thailand, for about 5 years. NRUC continues to support the project; Group XX and the Children’s Ministry Team supports children with special needs, whilst our Building for Mission program supported a local nurse in her education so that she might in turn support children with disabilities living in remote villages.

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MMM International - Zambia

North Ringwood Uniting has entered into partnership with MMM International to support their work in Zambia. NRUC paid for the construction of a fifty metre long building called The Uniting Building, which is used on Sundays as a place for worship and on the other six days of the week for vocational training classes. NRUC also purchased a brick-making machine that supports three families in full time employment.

A work party from the congregation went across to serve at the site.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators - Tanzania

Working in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Andrea and Alan Long have travelled to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to help provide free medical clinics to isolated people groups who have no access to medical care. Basic illnesses, including infections, wounds, malaria, malnutrition and worm infestations were able to be treated, transforming people’s lives in a small but powerful way.

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Operation Christmas Child – Samaritan’s Purse

Members of North Ringwood Uniting Church contribute to this worldwide project by purchasing gifts and packing them in specially decorated shoe boxes. These are then sent to remote areas around the globe as gifts of love for children.

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Christian Union Sports Club - Colombia

The Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC), officially founded in 1991 in Medellín, evolved out of a soccer tournament that was organized as an outreach to a local neighbourhood in the city.

Two members of our youth congregation went to join CUSC in their goal to guide young people and their families into a personal relationship with God, and help them in their Christian walk.

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You might know it by the former name of Ernabella. We’ve entered a partnership with the Uniting Church’s work in Pukatja, helping to refurbish a house for the minister from Alice Springs, when he visits, and it is also used as base for Bible translators. A series of work parties from the congregation have been participating in this ongoing project. We are currently extending the house.

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Growth Groups

People gather in clusters in homes to discuss their questions in the light of the Scriptures, to pray together and connect with each other. Groups generally meet fortnightly and also enjoy meals and social activities together.

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Y-not Men's Group

Y-not is an avenue for the men of our congregation to get together and relate in an informal and relaxed way. We aim to get together at least once every two months. Once a year we conduct a Y-not Sunday worship service.

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XX Women's Group

Meets to provide Christian fellowship, fun, support and service as well as forming a bridge to sharing faith with other women not directly involved with our congregation.
Various activities including reaching out to the local community and raising money for needs in the community or wider world.

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Prayer Groups

Come together with others to pray for yourself, your family and your community

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Acting in Faith

The drama group


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Music Ministry

Five bands lead morning worship and four bands lead the evening Definition youth services on a rotational basis. Musicians and singers of all musical abilities are welcome. In addition there is an annual Christmas carols event led by a massed choir and band. Individual singers and instrumentalists also present.

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High Quest Groups

A small cluster meeting weekly to reflect together on Bible readings and topical books.

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Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF)

A friendship and fellowship group for women with a variety of activities including discussions, guest speakers and social activities.

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Busy Hands

A group of women who meet to share their Craft abilities in Christian Friendship.

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