Peru - Las Lomas

For the poor will never cease from the land; therefore I command you, saying, you shall open your hand wide to your brother, for the poor and the needy.


Deuteronomy 15:11

What are we?

In 2009 a team of ten young people journeyed to Peru to work alongside an impoverished community, with mothers, children and youth, they were instrumental in the establishment of a local soccer team, designing their first uniforms.

In 2010 Trev and Julie Vernon visited, conducting cooking classes for the children and mothers over three weeks. “The relationship deepened!”

In 2011 Trev returned for 13 weeks, lived in the community conducted many cooking classes, helped demolish walls, gave motivational talks to the soccer team, worshiping and creating a large woodern cross with the assistance of many children and mothers.  “The bond has now grown to a friendship. They now have Aussie mates!”

In 2013 Trev and Julie returned for the official opening of a pre school for 35 children in the community, fully funded from friends in Australia. NRUC gifted the mothers with a created leadlight candle to encourage their faith on the hill.

Again in 2013 Trev returned to conduct interviews and re arrange the funding for the school and educational sponsorship for the 2014 year.

Each time they are visited, medical, schooling and children’s clothing are taken to assist the families who live without running water or any sanitation.

When does it happen?

It is an open ministry, when need arises an article appears, gifts are given and transferred to a representative on the ground in Peru, to distribute as required in that impoverished community.

Who is it for?

To anyone who would like to make a difference. To anyone who feels called to serve the poor.

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